State of the Airlines

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NEWS: AirTran Airways 2004...Earnings?!?!

That's right its not a typo, it does indeed say AirTran Airways and earnings. The airline posted an ever so slim profit of $1.1 million for the 4th quarter and a $12.3 million profit for fiscal 2004. The results beat most analyst estimates who were predicting a loss for the airline in the 4th quarter. AirTran has been working very hard to make sure it can compete with the likes of Southwest Airlines and JetBlue and perhaps they are making some headway. I only question their decision to operate two fleets of aircraft (Boeing 717 and 737) which flies in the face of the Southwest model. Not that this can't work mind you but it does complicate the equation. Complex isn't impossible...just harder.