State of the Airlines

Monday, January 10, 2005

NEWS: US continues to prop up US Airways

Its being reported that the US is probably going to allow US Airways to spend more of their cash reserves than originally agreed upon in their bankruptcy dealings. This is a move that is surely a sign that the government is not going to be the one to put the nail in US Airway's coffin. At this point its a probably safe bet that any one of the other factors hammering on US Airways will bring about its demise before the remaining assets drop below the $718 million they owe the government. You've got the $100 million they need to secure or save to keep GE from dropping the hammer on their debt restructuring. Did I mention that the deadline for this is Friday? As in this Friday. You've got a group of mechanics that are really pleased to accept the latest proposal from US Airways courtesy of a court decision. Southwest Airlines isn't even waiting for the funeral to move into Pittsburgh, a traditional US Airways stronghold. Current projections say US Airways may not make any money until 2006 at the MOST optimistic maybe as long as 2008! Ugh...stop the ride, I need to get off.