State of the Airlines

Friday, September 29, 2006

Boeing Does the Happy Dance With Ryanair Today

All smiles at Boeing today as they closed a deal with Dublin-based Ryanair for an additional 32 737-800s. At "list price" that's worth $2.25 b-b-billion...cha-CHING. This brings Ryanairs total order to 281 737-800s.

Ryanair's business model is a thing to behold as they offer flights for next to nothing but monetize the crap out of every single thing that you might be willing to pay extra for. But it seems to be working. One thing that is central to it all...a single fleet type standardized in every way possible. They have taken this page from the Book of Southwest and lived it to the extreme. One aircraft type, one pool of parts, one way to train flight crews, one way to train mechanics. This equals low cost to operate.

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