State of the Airlines

Thursday, September 07, 2006

NEWS: Aloha Airlines Goes Old School on Board Appointment

OK, I'll admit I did not think there would be anything new to post regarding Aloha Airlines at this point in 2006. Why? Because I felt very strongly that they would be out of business. Aloha's CEO, David Banmiller, has a long history of shutting down airlines (Air PDX, Carnival, Sun Country, Air Cal) so I felt the writing was one the wall. But maybe he's onto something here, maybe Aloha has a shot. His latest move is brilliant as Aloha named Gordon Bethune to its Board. Mr. Bethune has got some serious clout. He helped orchestrate Continental Airlines return from the edge of the abyss at a time when nearly everyone had written them off. Aloha can use that kind of expertise on their side...the battle for the islands is not over yet!

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