State of the Airlines

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NEWS: ATA Ups the Pay Cut Ante for Pilots

ATA has raised the stakes in an effort to get their pilots to take further pay cuts. The pilots had rejected another round of pay cuts a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out, this was due a feeling that those cuts would go to fund a $6 million retention fund designed to keep 47 key "office" personnel on staff. OK, I'll give that one to the pilots. I think I might have been a little miffed about that too. ATA is now pulling back the retention fund and putting a $2.4 million severance deal on the table. So instead of looking to retain people they are now looking to encourage people to quit and will pay them to do so. Talk about a rolling reversal. No word yet from the pilots union who, as of Monday, had not heard about the deal.