State of the Airlines

Thursday, January 13, 2005

NEWS: Be Careful What You Ask For

Its no secret that the American public has been whining incessantly about the restrictions placed on cell phone users while flying. This whining has been so long and loud that the glacial bureaucracies of the FCC and the FAA have actually started to work on what could be done to lift the restrictions. First this was greeted with smug satisfaction...Seeeee, they are going to work on this, it could happen. I'd be free to use my cell phone, no longer forced to pay exorbitant prices to use the seat back phones. Then there was a pause and small sound in the background, a murmur really. These same people started thinking about what this really means. Then it hits them...Holy crap, can you imagine the sound of dozens of people trying to hold conversations over all of the ambient noise associated with an aluminum tube flinging through the air at 500 MPH? And now this from USA Today.... 7 out of 10 travelers want to KEEP the cell phone ban. Count me in with that 7. My theory is that all of the companies that make noise cancelling ear phones are the ones actually pushing for this ban to be lifted.

Now if you could convince the FAA that my iPod and my PDA are not going to send the aircraft spinning to the ground upon take off and landing then that would be progress.