State of the Airlines

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

NEWS: Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Union Holds Out

OK, so I found some news on Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian has new deals with five out of its six unions, the sixth being their pilots union represented by ALPA. This, in and of itself, is not big news for an airline in bankruptcy. What is news is that the lack of this agreement is going to push back Hawaiian's hearing to emerge from bankruptcy. That hearing was Jan 25, then rescheduled to Feb 8 which is doubtful because the airline and ALPA are not even scheduled to talk until Feb 14 and 15. The stakes are deal with the pilots union means all the other agreements will not go into effect either. To Hawaiian's credit it sounds like they are trying to work this out. But its being reported that they are also preparing to have the courts consider nullifying the contract ala US Airways. Kinda like your Dad when he says "Don't make me turn this car around". On one hand, he can't get to you right away...on the other...when he gets there he's gonna be really mad.