State of the Airlines

Monday, January 17, 2005

NEWS: Southwest Spurns DF/W for Love

Southwest Airlines made it clear several weeks ago that they would rather compete for Dallas Fort Worth passengers out of Love Field rather than DF/W. While they are still fighting the battle to have Love Field flight restrictions lifted Southwest has delivered another little slap in the face to the officials at DF/W. Seems DF/W is conspicuously absent from the list of ATA-Southwest codeshare cities. So not only does Southwest not want to fly there, they don't even want their passengers to connect and fly there via ATA. All of this despite the fact that the good folks at DF/W airport are throwing in a load of nice things for anyone who will take over gates left open when Delta Airlines left town. Things like 1 yr rent free in Terminal E (hey...that's got a nice ring) and $22 million in "other" incentives doesn't seem like chump change...granted that there are a couple three stipulations to get the big bonus package behind door number one. But Southwest is remaining true. Southwest is in Love (Field) and does not want to leave.