State of the Airlines

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

NEWS: Continental Airlines Add International Code Shares

Continental Airlines will begin a codeshare agreement with Air France on Feb 26. Its an interesting deal that will allow Continental flyers new access to 12 destinations served by Air France from Paris. Of course, members of Continental's frequent flyer program will earn points and all that fun stuff on these routes as well.

I think we might see more moves like this from the major airlines with international partners. They see opportunity with these arrangements to increase their reach using a partner's muss no fuss. A quick shot in the arm.

On the flip side Air France gets a reciprocal deal that will give their passengers new access 21 destinations in the US. I know its cruel but I couldn't help but snicker when saw some of the destinations. Why do I have a hard time believing that somewhere in France right now someone is wishing for an easier way to get from Paris to Oklahoma City or Albuquerque? But hey...whatever works for them.