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Monday, October 02, 2006

Mid-air Collision brings down Gol 737

Sad events this weekend as we learned that a Gol 737 collided with a Embraer Legacy 600 over Brazil last weekend. The Legacy 600, operated by ExcelAire, landed with a damaged wing time shortly after the collision. The consequences where far greater for the 737 which crashed into dense jungle. The Brazilian Air Force is now confirming that no one survived...149 passengers, 6 crew perished.

I've posted recently about how accidents are normally a sequence of little things that build up to a disaster, dots connecting if you will. Early information gives no clues as to how two modern jets managed to find the same airspace over Brazil. So we must wait as searchers and analyst try to piece together what did the dots connect on this one?

In the meantime my prayers are with those who lost friends and family.

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