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Friday, September 08, 2006

OPINION: Northwest Flight Attendants Need Some Spin Control

Note to Association of Flight Attendants representatives at Northwest Airlines, start proofing what you type, watch what you publish, ask your members to be careful what they say in a public forum. I do appreciate the difficult times you face and the pay cuts that are staring you in the face. Not fun...battle on. But the following statement should not have gotten out the door:
"Most of us don't even care about the survival of NWA anymore. How can a company survive under these toxic conditions," flight attendant Kathryn Swarts wrote in a letter to the judge overseeing its bankruptcy.

I think the majority of folks still employed at Northwest Airlines might have an issue with that statement. It comes across as terribly self-serving and isolates you from what should be the common goal...the survival of an airline for the benefit of all who make their living at that airline. Even if that quote is being taken out of context in this article you need to realize that is the risk of saying it in the first place.

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