State of the Airlines

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pausing to Reflect on 9/11

Since I focus this blog on airlines I would be remiss if I didn't encourage the 5 people who read this to pause and reflect on that day. It was a sad awful day, so many killed, so many lives disrupted. Do you remember where you were?

I remember arriving at work not even knowing what had happened yet. I had listened to a CD on the way to work. Rush-Retrospectives, CD 1, I had just finished listening to Freewill when I shut off the car and headed into the hangar. I couldn't tell you what I listened to last Monday yet I remember distinctly how that day started.

I remember first hearing the news on the TV as I entered the break room and saw the tower already smoking. The sickening feeling as the second tower was hit...this was not an accident. Then the Pentagon. Then the brave souls who averted a greater tragedy by sacrificing themselves over Pennsylvania.

I remember the odd silence at the airport as we stood in the hangar, our jets having returned from the gates to park. No jet engines running, no props beating the air, no movement on the ramps and taxi ways. Just quiet. The recognition that nothing about our industry would ever be the same.

Five years ago...the memories and the sensations of the day have not dulled for me.

Remembering is important. My industry has been used as a weapon against us by those who sought to bring down not just buildings but a country and a way of life. They failed on the whole but the damage to my country, my industry and so many lives was devastating. Remembering sharpens us. Remembering keeps us focused on what we need to do in the future. It keeps us committed to staying on the tougher path...because it is what we must do.