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Monday, October 02, 2006

EU Airline Passenger Data Still up in the Air

In May the EU's highest court ruled that a a data sharing agreement between the US and EU airlines had no legal basis and needed to be re-worked. That agreement had airlines providing the US with 34 pieces of data on each passenger within 15 minutes of departure for any US bound flight. Since then the two sides have been working to create a new agreement against a court imposed September 30th deadline. My calendar say October 2nd and, yeah you guessed it, no agreement has been reached yet. Reports ranged from "talks collapsing" to "everything is fine we just need more time". Good grief, how many i's need to be dotted and t's crossed?
In the mean time it appears that the wrath of the EU court system is not going to swoop down on anyone nor is the US likely to make good on its threat to impose a 6,000 per passenger fine on any airline that does not provide the data. In fact it sounds like airlines will keep transmitting the data until further as usual.

Here's the polished, shiny, politically correct statement issued by the European Commission. See? Everything is fine.

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