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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things Look Bright for Sun Country Sale

An arbitor has cleared the sale of Sun Country Airlines from one privately held hand to another. Majority investors are selling their interest in the airline to businessman Tom Petters. Yes that Tom Petters, as in Petter's Warehouse, The Federated etc etc. The deal, whose terms are not disclosed, had been held up by minority investors who felt they had the right to contest the sale and make a competing offer after reviewing the books. Well the arbitor told them "ummm not so much" so the runway is cleared for Mr. Petters. It remains unknown if the new owner has any plans to alter Sun Country's current business plan.

Congratulations Tom, hope all goes well because the Twin Cities desperately needs the competition to drive fares down. By the way do you know the best to be a millionaire owning an airline? Start off a billionaire.

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